Component Test Process
-  QTS solicits high warranty, proactive OEM's and Suppliers to             
   share test costs.
-  Confidential component, instrumented test information reporting is      
-  Access to vehicles and field incidents on a daily basis.
-  Route changes and instrumentation flexibility allows further                 
    investigation and definition of field events.
-  Receive customer satisfaction and initial quality information that is      
    missing in most reliability and durability tests.
-  Receive data months ahead of customer feedback.
Instrumentation and measurement inspection
-  Duty cycle verification.
-  Environmental conditions.
-  Analog voltages, pressures, displacements, temperatures, etc.
-  Wireless download (WiFi) of OBD / CAN bus interrogation.
-  Continuous stream or triggered events.
-  'Non-intrusive' instrumentation of production vehicles.
-  Adjustable scan rates and trigger levels.
Quality Testing Services International
Test Fleet Program Options
- Test fleets from QTS hubs with dedicated drivers for quick mileage
accumulated on predetermined test routes with specific driving
content and road conditions. See the
Routes page.
- Test fleets can be entered into courier and taxi fleets around the
country for longer test durations for seasonal change effects and
endurance testing. See the "Press Release" link on the