Test Program Details
Vehicles driven to 4,500 miles (Initial Quality Study)
-  IQS Results from multiple driver/duty cycle exposure. (Driven on         
   routes from all city to all highway mileage).
-  Problem definition via drivers comments with mechanic verification.
-  Fleets can include development and regular production vehicles to     
   highlight future issues.

Vehicles continue to 50,000 miles. (Warranty,                   
   Customer Satisfaction)
-  Vehicle multi-venue exposure (AZ, CA, CO, FL, MI, MN, TX, East        
-  Reveals unseen systems / component negative interaction.
-  Instrumentation for customer satisfaction thresholds.

Vehicles continue to 75,000 miles. (Focused Warranty)
-  Investigation of first 50k miles incidents.
-  Duty cycle related issues.
-  Milestone reviews justify cost / benefits and directions for                    

Vehicles continue to 150,000 miles (Robustness)
-  High mileage deterioration.
-  Warranty issues.
-  Repeatable events.
-  Second generation component installation and screening.
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